International University of Technoscience – Abidjan


Payment and refund policies

1 – Registration fee : Cash with the first payment

2 – Documentation : Cash with the first payment

3 – Tuition : Two choices

3.1 – Total cash

3.2 – Tuition : Six  instalments under the following conditions

3.2.1 – Provide a commitment from your employer for the deduction on salary in favour of the university

3.2.2 – Provide a bank wire document signed by the student or the person responsible of the student.

3.2.3 –  The persons providing the above documents must have at least two years of  permanent employment with their employers

3.2.4 – The model of the document to be filled out is available at the registration department of IUT.

4 – Verify carefully your registration form before confirming it. Any confirmation is deemed to be an order and engages it filler.

5 – Any advance payment is not refundable, except if the course didn’t take place.